Week One - Atkins Diet and Crying in My Coffee for a Big Fat Bagel

Bagels -- Yum

Actually, the first week wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My mind's eye visualized horrendous hunger pains churning my stomach with long hours between skimpy meals.

Nah...that didn't happen. Honest--

I will say, I was very surprised to learn the amount of Carbohydrates I'd been eating. And I don't mean quality Carbs but totally wasted carbs?
* * * *
As I created meals and read labels, I was amazed to see that some of my previous meals had contained as much as 300 Carbs at one sitting! Yes, astounding!

Learning to read labels on food boxes and bottles is another thing I've learned from the Atkins Diet. Previously, I avoided Trans Fats and High Sodium, now I understand Carbs, Sugar and Fiber content and how they relate to each other.

A few helpers I've found beneficial during this Induction process include:

1. The Atkins Carb Counter and Acceptable food list

This is a freebie from the Atkins Web Site and a must-have whether you're using the Atkins Diet or any other. It's a simple way to measure the best foods for your meals and the foods to  avoid if you're trying any low carb diet.

2. A Food Journal

I can't tell you how much this has helped me. I keep it on my desk, near the computer. Each page is a new day, with foods eaten to the left and Carbs consumed to the right. I keep notes about the quality of any new recipe, and comments about how I'm feeling.

Also, for the Induction Period (which only lasts for 2 weeks) it's easier done if you have a light routine with few visitors.

I blew an entire day of my diet because we had an out-of-town guest. A little flustered without larger meal-plans, I succumbed to regular food for the entire day. I did avoid as many carbohydrates as I could, which appeared to be nit-picking to my visitor. A little more experience, better food organization and a couple menus for entire meals--would have helped me on this day.

Nonetheless, the week went fine and I can't wait for next week. I'm hopeful that I'll lose a few pounds by then. Wish me luck!

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