Are you trying to cut Calories?

Are you trying to cut Calories but continually see a 2 pound weight gain every month?

It's all about snacking!

I think this applies to me. I'm fairly good at sticking to a strict diet, but when it comes to snacking.... I just can't help myself.

Health and Fitness at the Globe Mail states: "People who follow a lower protein diet – 10 per cent of daily calories – consume more calories each day than when they consumed a 15-per-cent protein diet. What’s more, the calorie increase was enough to cause a roughly two-pound weight gain each month."

It seems the protein content of our diet can control our calorie intake. The message is, if you lower the protein in your diet, you'll be snacking and gobbling fat all day long in a search to replace the missed protein.

The resolution: Be sure that your diet is rich in proteins. 

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