An Ounce a day may Keep Alzheimer's at Bay

An ounce a day may keep Alzheimer's at bay

Most often, if we hear of a food that can stop the cognitive decline of dementia, we generally need to eat a ton of it to make a difference.

They test with mice and the humongous amount given to the mice are more than a human would eat in a lifetime.

But, not so during the Research of Walnuts. According to the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, walnuts contain healthy ingredients, like omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants that are good for your brain. ***

Are Food Supplements Free of Side Effects?

I don't recommend or claim that all supplements are healthy, mostly because I don't know about all supplements. Before I take any supplement, though, I investigate and learn all I can about the it, both the pros and the cons. And sometimes I go a step further and ask my family doctor what he thinks about a particular food supplement.

Just because it's a supplement  and sold over the counter doesn't mean it has no side-effects. A supplement has never been placed before the FDA for an accounting and testing such as prescription drugs receive for possible side effects. If the food supplement does have side effects, we may not be aware of it unless we investigate on our own.

If you've watched a television commercial about most prescription drugs lately, you'll hear the side effects are often extreme and some times deadly. So I take precautions because if supplements have side effects, I want to know what they are.

Even a Little Bite can be Too Much if You are Allergic

Recently, my granddaughter spent the better part of an evening in the ER. She'd been plagued by Allergic symptoms for a couple months but without an exact diagnosis.

Like most teenagers, she doesn't believe everything she's told, especially if her mother is doing the telling. So she continued with all normal activities.

Mommy is sitting with her now, while the rest of us (grans and sibs)  are home texting and worrying if she'll listen to the doctor and learn to use the Epi-Pen.

Does your Doctor see more than than the Pretty Smile on your Face?

Does your Doctor see more than a Pretty Smile when she Looks at your Face?

When I go to the doctor, I usually complain afterwards; "he missed something or didn't answer something, or I forgot to ask the most important thing I wanted to know..."

Sometimes I expect the doctor to just read the worry lines on my brow and give me a diagnosis.

Of course, I know he can't do that and I also know that I need to make good notes to bring with me, instead of forgetting them on the kitchen table and expecting the doctor to read my face.

Well, Reader's Digest put that same question in front of a few doctors and learned some new things that might surprise you.

How to Walk a Treadmill 5 Days in a Row?

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding TreadmillMore info
I'm asking YOU!

Did you ever notice that if you walk the treadmill every day for at least a week, it gets easier.

In fact, it feels so good that I usually decide to do it a few more days in a row, rather than my standard "3 days a Week."

The more often I use the treadmill, the less often I need supplemental oxygen.

Then something happens--

Halloween Goodies to make with Your Children

100 Snack Size

The fun of Halloween is candy! And, more often than not-- Mom and Dad love the candy as much as their children... ah admit it!

When my kids were little I couldn't wait to raid their black handled, orange plastic pumpkins.

Besides candy, Halloween comes with many other unique treats. I made a swoop around the internet and gathered sweet treat ideas just for you.

Corn Starch does more than add body to your sauce...

For more than thickening

When I was a kid I thought Corn Starch was magic. I thought My mom was pretty magical too when it came to cooking.

Back then, I thought all women were magically endowed when placed in front of a floured board.

It wasn't until I married with hubby and children to feed that I realized that I hadn't inherited that magic!