Have you drank your Cancer Prevention today?

Have you Drank your Cancer Prevention today!

Green Tea

Aedin Cassidy, PhD, of the University of East Anglia in England lead a group of researchers who studied a group of women for more than 30 years.  

More than 170,000 women between 25 and 55 were studied. Reasearchers followed their diets and searched for intake of Flavonols (a compound found in tea as well as citrus fruit and red wine.)

Is the Ice Cream in your freezer REALLY Ice Cream?

Is Ice Cream Really Ice Cream

While shopping, I don't read every label as often as I should. But sometimes you really need to read that label slowly, and think about what you're reading.

Consumer Reports recently brought to light that a new description of ice cream might not be ice cream at all. So when you check the Breyers Ice Cream for the flavor of your choice, also check the description of the Ice Cream. Does the carton say: Real Ice Cream or Frozen Dairy Dessert?

Want A little arsenic with your Rice?

Do you want a little Arsenic with your Rice?

You may be getting a small dose of arsenic whether you know it or not.

A recent article in Consumer Reports says, “Rice, in general, is one of the foods with the highest levels of inorganic arsenic.” They go on to say, “Arsenic in our food is becoming a real public health problem.”

During testing it was found that white basmati rice had half the amount of arsenic as other rice. And, in general, white rice appears to have less arsenic than brown rice, yet most of us prefer brown rice as it’s considered the most healthy.

I’m not entirely surprised to learn of this issue after all the news about antibiotics and other chemicals contaminating our food chain through the feed that farm animals are given. On many days I wish I was a vegetarian but I’m not. So arsenic in our food chain and avoiding it as much as possible is important to me.

Yet, in this case it isn’t something farmers are feeding animals that causes the small dose of arsenic in our healthy rice dishes.

What's the Risk of infection if you don't use antibiotic ointment on that paper cut?

Does every skin abrasion require antibiotic ointment?

When I had young children running around, the answer was 'Yes.'  Nowadays, I'm not so sure.

 I recently read an article that said the real answer is decided by how much dirt is in the wound. If it's a wound that's visibly dirty, using an antibiotic ointment is the correct thing to do.  Wounds that have dirt and grit become infected 20-30 percent of the time.

But, if it's a clean cut, such as a paper cut with little debris or dirt, there may be no need for an antibiotic ointment. If it's a clean wound, there is only 1-5 percent chance that it will become infected.

So the wound will heal just fine without any ointment. Plus, without using the antibiotic ointment you will be saving yourself the risk of any side effects from that product.

Yes, antibiotic ointments have their own lists of side effects.

How is Fast Food contending with all the Complaints about fatty foods?

How is Fast Food contending with all the Complaints 

For several years we've heard complaints about fast food restaurants and all their fatty foods. I have to admit, hubby and I have down-sized our fast food diet exponentially over the last few years. We use to grab a fat burger and fries a couple times a week while running errands. Now, it's a special treat if we plan ahead for a once a month super-sized everything!

As we age, we tend to care more about deflecting foods that add girth or gas and believe me, after 60 there are many! 

Health Day News reports on an investigation into the real nutrition provided in meals purchased from a few of the major fast food chains, examining everything from salt, saturated fat and calories from 1996 - 2013.

When is Garlic too old to eat? Do green sprouts matter?

Is Garlic ready to be tossed when Green Sprouts occur

If you're like me, I always buy too much Garlic. We use lots of fresh garlic around here for taste and medicinal health, but I never seem to use it all before sprouts rise from the bulb and it's ready to be tossed!


I just read an article in Prevention magazine and learned that garlic at this stage has more antioxidants than fresher garlic.

At this stage of their life, they are more likely to sustain attacks by insects. ugh

But the substances they release to keep the insects away create more pungent antioxidant garlic for us.

And that's just what we need from this sweet little allium (onion.) Charming... eh 

Black-eyed Peas on New Years Day for a Healthy 2015

How do you Celebrate New Years Day?

We are from East Texas, so New Year's Day means Black-eyed peas and Corn bread. The year will be dire (the older folks warn) if you dare to skip this Holiday fare.

 Eat your Black-eyed Peas and relish good fortune for the next 12 months. Now, that "good fortune" promise doesn't necessarily mean gains in monetary value-- but emotional and physical health for all. I'll take that.

(Our peas are in the crock-pot along with ham chunks and lots of onions. The Cornbread has chopped green chilies (a salute to our Desert Southwest living.) Hubby will request both by mid-morning tomorrow.

May you eat till you're stuffed tomorrow, whatever your favorite celebration food for the New Year may be! We wish you a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year!