Do you take a little Fish Oil with your Sunscreen?

Mega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3's are not a substitute for Sunscreen, but new research has shown that they may help protect your skin from those hot summer rays.

A steady dose of Omega-3 fish oil appears to give the skin more elasticity and a new study shows that with higher doses, it may also help in the prevention of skin cancer.

TYSON CHICKEN ANNOUNCES major product Recall due to Salmonella

Tyson Foods
Tyson Foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does Tyson Chicken Recall Mean for You?

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and Tyson Foods said that they were voluntarily recalling some 40-pound cases, which contained four 10-pound packages of Tyson Mechanically Separated Chicken. The products were produced on Oct. 11, 2013." Reported by MICHELLE CASTILLO  CBS NEWS January 13, 2014 

Have some Super Happy Holidays with Friends and Family!

My goodness, did you think I was never coming back. I can't believe it has been so long since my last post.

The main thing that got in the way was work! And since I need work to buy food and food to write this blog, I need work.

I have both an Etsy and Ebay store and this is the top of the season for gift-giving. That means they are both super busy right now.

Worse than that, I left my last post hanging there like a dead man waiting to be cut loose. I apologize!

Week One - Atkins Diet and Crying in My Coffee for a Big Fat Bagel

Bagels -- Yum

Actually, the first week wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My mind's eye visualized horrendous hunger pains churning my stomach with long hours between skimpy meals.

Nah...that didn't happen. Honest--

I will say, I was very surprised to learn the amount of Carbohydrates I'd been eating. And I don't mean quality Carbs but totally wasted carbs?

Berries may clear Amyloid, to help fight Alzheimer's Disease


Since my Mom passed away with Alzheimer's 5 years ago, I've become more aware of what I eat. 

Many things help to eliminate the "amyloid beta protein tangles" that build in the brain  as we age and contribute to the occurrence of Alzheimer's or dementia

In a recent animal study it was noted that all berries are beneficial but Blueberries and Strawberries were the best. 

Can I do it? Atkins Induction Phase...Oh my!

The Atkins Diet

I will begin the Atkins diet this week so, no doubt, you'll be hearing lots of whining from me during the next few weeks, maybe months.

I have COPD which means it's hard to breathe most of the time. Any extra weight, makes breathing even more difficult as it interferes with the diaphragm.

I'd like to lose 30 lbs and will try to stick with the Induction Phase. (2 weeks of absolute will power)

Fight Bad Cholesterol with Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice

A few years back after a job lay-off, hubby's retirement and a lot less money trickling in, I found myself without health insurance. Only 2 years before my own retirement and induction into Medicare, I decided to tough it out.

I didn't know then that I had COPD, Shortness of Breath, and oxygen saturation in my near future . But that's another story.