Warning: Tuna Recall Information - 3/19/16

 Tuna Recall - Check Your Labels

Just announced and very important that you check the labels on any Canned Chunk Tuna that you may have on-hand.

Tri-Union Seafoods LLC is voluntarily recalling a 2,745 cases (equal to 107,280 cans) of Chicken of the Sea brand 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in oil and 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in water.
This recall has been initiated because the product may have been undercooked due to an equipment malfunction, which was uncovered during a routine inspection. 
For more information go to -- Recall Information For more information about this Recall


Got Your Walking Shoes on?

Got your Walking Shoes On?

You better have some good Walking Shoes this weekend with Holiday Trick or Treating just around the corner.

You have a little more time to buy a new pair of Reebok's Walking Shoes for the Holidays in December. I don't know about you but that's the busiest month of the year for me. "Oh yea....I have Grandchildren!"

Check out  Reebok's Quick Sale during the Next 3 days! 

Get some new Walking Shoes at Reduced Rates Now!
 Deep discounts for a short period of time. You better hurry!

A quick note to let you know the details of Reebok's Sale!


Don't forget Reebok's has Sportswear for Men and Women too!

Do Discount Prescription Eyeglasses Cost Less Online?

Do Discount Prescription Eyeglasses Cost Less Online?

My husband and I have an eye exam every 3 years or so. I know they recommend yearly but really, who could afford a new pair of glasses every year. I sure can't.

$$ Well, Hubby and I waited 3 years this time and I still flinched as the clerk tallied the price. $$

We are on Medicare which paid a small amount on Hubby's glasses, but I'm on Medicare with a Supplement, (because I have COPD and many more medical expenses than Hubby) which meant my Medicare only paid a big fat 0! on any eye glasses I purchased. Hubby's exam was $58.00, with glasses his total was $202.00 Not bad, I say.

My eye exam, on the other hand, cost $186.00 (which my Supplement paid all except $18.00 because an eye exam is considered Medical attention.) Curiously, hubby and I both had the exact same eye exam.  Yet, Hubby's exam cost $58.00 while my exam cost $186.00 - Did I see that right? 

Yes, I did see that price right. So, Does that mean the better the insurance the higher the cost? hmmmm. Maybe...

So much for my thinking my bill would be similar to Hubby's. I wiggle into the swivel chair in front of the mirror and smile at the clerk who will fashion me a good deal and the best frames just like she did for Hubby.

Nope! As I try-on frames for my new eyes, I glance at the numbers scribbled on the Clerk's notepad. The top number reads $450.00! and we haven't even mentioned my progressive bi-focals.

"Wait!" I say, as she hands me a pair of glasses to try on. I'm pointing at that crazy number--

"I know," she nods, "I can add the progressives, if you like."

"If the glasses are $450.00 and you haven't included the progressive lenses yet, I don't want them," I was blunt but I was also angry.

Reebok! and the EasyTone Shoes

 Reebok! and the Easy Tone Shoes

Their Labor Day Sale is over but Reeboks are still the best shoe around. I love these Easy Tone Essentials for women. Great colors and on the Treadmill, these shoes are heaven.
The colors available are Fantabulous!


Setting the Holiday Dinner Table

Setting the Holiday Dinner Table

We will be sitting at the Holiday Dinner table more times in the next few months than for the many months of the rest of the year. With September we begin the march into months of Holidays, Family, and Reunions with lots of sit-down dinners, some formal and some not so much.

Lenox Dinnerware
I apologize. Usually, I'm more concerned about the dessert after the meal than which fork to use with the Turkey and Dressing

Our family is large and rowdy and easy to please. When I speak of the table setting for the holiday, I'm not referring to how many spoons on the left or right or which knife is best for butter. 

I'm not talking about proper silverware or glassware settings. Well, at least not how to set the table cutlery correctly.

I'm talking about patterns, and designs, and gorgeous dinnerware, silver and other accouterments for dinner dining.

I'm talking Pretty! I love pretty dinner plates, glasses, silverware... well you'll see what I mean.
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