A heads-up about Prepackaged Caramel Apples

A heads-up about Prepackaged Caramel Apples

Listeria is a serious illness and can cause death. During the end of October and through November many folks have been seriously ill with Listeria. A few have already died, so it appears that the contamination is still out there. Most of the folks interviewed with illness had eaten prepackaged, Caramel Apples.

 Symptoms of listeriosis infection include muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, fever, and convulsions. Typically, symptoms begin three to 70 days after eating the tainted food. And it can be deadly.

Since a specific source has not been found, it might be best to avoid all Caramel Apples until this mystery is solved.

The demise of the Fruit Cake... or NOT

The demise of the Fruit Cake... or maybe Not

I love Fruit Cake. And I think the naysayers who poke fun at the fruity, nutty, chunky delight haven’t really tried one. How bad can a cake be that has both cherries and pecans.

Wikipedia says, “Fruit cake is a cake made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and soaked in spirits. A cake that simply has fruit in it as an ingredient can also be colloquially called a fruit cake.” 

That sounds delicious, even if you've never seen one.

Do Adults have Acne like Teenagers

More Adults seek help with Acne and Skin Problems than teenagers

As I was reading an article last week, I was surprised to learn that dermatologists visits are more often for acne than any other reason. It's true, when I think of a dermatologist I think of pimples. But I never suspected that most of the acne complaints were from Adults.

I'm sure my skin came from my dad who was dark-complicated and harbored genes which were native american. So I never had a lot of trouble with acne as an adult. Like everyone else, though, I was forced to survive that blotchy pinched face of puberty between 13-16.

And I'm still tortured with that one red bump that pops up near the tender corner of  my eye after a single chocolate bar.

Benefits and Side effects of Turmeric

I recently read that Turmeric may cause issues with heart medication. I've been taking a dash of Turmeric on most main dishes for several months since learning that Turmeric could fight inflammation. 

A year or so ago, Research began to find Turmeric good at fighting inflammation, arthritis, cancer and even heart disease. So I did not want to stop taking my daily regimen. 

Through research I found that my particular heart medication and Turmeric caused NO dangerous mix. But Turmeric can present other side effect and you might want to check into them if you are using Turmeric. 

An Herbal Tea may offer Relief for what Ails you

Specialty Teas may be as Valuable as that Apple everyday

Women who drink tea every day have been found to have thicker bones than women who don't drink tea at all, researchers found.

It could be that the antioxidants in tea protect your bones. We already know that Cola or Coffee can make your bones weaker. High amounts of caffeine keep your body from absorbing calcium which makes strong bones.

So you might try and Substitute a nice Specialty Tea for that extra cup of coffee.
A few Tea Suggestions with their specific qualities are:

Save Money: Buy Your Eye Glasses Online for Half the Price


I am totally astounded by the price of Eye Glasses. I think mine were nearly $200 four years ago.

And that was on sale: "Buy 1 / get 1 Free." And believe me, neither of them were Free.

I've often thought the "catch" is the frames we choose. Of course, none on the rack looked good on me accept a darling pair of light-weight frames in perfect-pink with "Sophia Loren" engraved on the frame. Yes, I know. The Frames were more expensive than the lenses. But I took really good care of them.

Not to Nag but....Have You had Your Flu Shot YET?

For many years I got a flu shot every year at my workplace.  No reminder needed. One week in November was set aside and  all employees were required to get their flu shot. It helped avoid costly absences later in the year.

The Reminder is a good thing. Once hubby and I both retired and no longer had an employer urging us to get a flu shot, we didn't get one at all for a couple years.

Our reasoning, faulty of course, was that we never went anywhere to be contaminated so why put ourselves through the misery of standing in line for a flu shot.
(Of course, we had forgotten our grandson's bout with the flu. At the time, we thought surely he must have whooping cough. Then there was the neighbor next door who sprayed the front door screen door as he tried to speak and sneeze at the same time through a head cold.)